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More on LeCharles Bentley

There's several reasons why I think that the Bengals might (if not should) look at LeCharles Bentley , if anything, to learn where Bentley is at. It would be foolish on Bentley's part to ask for anything more than slightly above minimum after a two-year layoff from major -- and we mean really major -- injury. Still, the Bengals seem to go after the lesser-OSU guys, their center position is not that solid and Bentley could be one of those guys that a team strikes gold with. Who knows, really?

Even so, the Pro Football Talk guys say that the Browns released Bentley, not because of his health; rather mutual "loathing" on a really bad deal. This Pro Football Weekly piece writes that the Bengals and Steelers could be "tempted" to go after Bentley.

It might all be for naught anyway. NFL Network's Adam Schefter reported Wednesday that Bentley would prefer to be a guard. So let's summarize. Bentley won't sign with a team unless he starts and wants to play guard. Should someone with his question mark be so choosey?