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Jason Shirley, T.J., Levi, Deltha and Kenny Irons (what?) are on the field

Hobson writes that Jason Shirley is on the field while his pending court appearances in Fresno continue Friday -- though we're not sure if he's required to be there to determine if they can postpone the case until after the NFL season. It's a bit surprising, but when you add together the case's status right now, then I don't think anyone sees why he couldn't be there.

But it's Kenny Irons on the field that's drawing the collective gasps of surprise. Not even the team expected him on the field at this point. After suffering a major knee injury last season, Kenny Irons has been all but written off this season. If he's ready to play this year, that will put a major wrench into Chris Perry's future.

Also, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Levi Jones and Deltha O'Neal (players that missed voluntaries) are on the field.

UPDATE: On the long-running, single-piece, updating camp, Hobson made the following note about Irons: "Irons stretched with the team prior (to) practice but did not take part in drills with the running backs."