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Bengals sign Peko to a five-year extension

In the craziness of watching Chad Johnson "work" on his injury by the old-reliable standing and taking one-knee medicine, news out of the front office is that the Bengals signed Domata Peko to a five-year extension worth $29.3 million. He's signed through 2014.

“Domata is a fine, young player who has fully proved his worth over the last two years and still has a tremendous upside,” Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis said in a statement. “We are extremely pleased to have him signed to a long-term deal that ensures his future with our team. He has the ability to give us strong support against the run and good pass pressure up the middle."

I am happy for Peko. Good kid, hard worker and obvious joy in the lockerroom. Still, $29.3 million?! In two seasons, Peko (generally considered a rush defender unless he gets double-teamed then he's blowed up) has played in all 32 games, recorded 95 tackles and four sacks.

Rookies Pat Sims and Jason Shirley are both unsigned.

John Thornton and Michael Myers are playing in their final contract season -- neither are likely to sign. Titus Adams, Michael Marquardt and Antwon Burton round up the players signed at defensive tackle this season -- (other than Peko) none signed past 2009.

UPDATE: Chick Ludwig actually puts the figure at $30.3 million with $8.5 million guaranteed.