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Who are the more notable available free agent running backs?

With the unknown nature of DeDe Dorsey's injury, Chris Perry's unknown health and Kenny Irons obviously out for awhile, the team could be seeing an issue with depth at running back. Let me be clear, real quick: this is June and Dorsey and Perry have time to recover; so the team might be best served taking a wait and see with those recoveries. Furthermore, I have no problem with the team giving shots to undrafted free agent running backs they've signed.

But because there stands a chance (like 2%) that the Bengals may go to the free agency market to sign a running back. Hashmarks lists the more noted backs that I'm convinced ALL of you will say "pass".

  • Shaun Alexander
  • Kevin Jones
  • Travis Henry
  • Ron Dayne
  • Cedric Benson