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Chad Johnson and Marvin Lewis caught talking on mic

If you haven't had the chance to watch this video, I suggest it. It's an exchange between Marvin Lewis and Chad Johnson; I'm sure unbeknownst to the both of them. It was quick:

Marvin Lewis: “When you gonna come give me some love?”
Chad Johnson: “Ain’t no love no more. It’s business.”
Marvin Lewis: “Oh, okay. Good. Business is playing.” (that's a zing, if you caught it)


Chad Johnson to Lewis: “It’s scary when you got someone great, and he’s playing pissed off.”

Marvin Lewis laughs at this, no doubt. Why? Well, earlier in the off-season, he gave up on Chad; that's obvious. But this exchange further damages whatever reputation Chad had left. Most GMs have said, "no thanks" with the rhetorical question of acquiring the self-title greatness. Some even said they wouldn't take him for nothing.

On his blog, Lance McAlister says: "I didn't think I'd say this, but it's time for a trade." That's a bit too late. I think the window for a trade passed by when the Bengals declined Washington's offer of a first round pick this season and a conditional third round pick in 2009. Johnson keeps damaging his own goods and his value is dropping; not because of his talent (he truly is a gifted receiver), but because no GM, coach or player really wants this turd. And who can blame them.

Not trading Chad when they had the chance still goes down as my "worst move this off-season".

UPDATE: Mike Brown speaks.

"The only person who can really answer why he didn't practice today is Chad," Brown said. "I don't understand. But I do understand and he understands that the market will not allow us to just give up and give him away or trade him away. I can't tell you I have a clear roadmap in my mind where this all leads. We want him. He gets told that and told that and told that. At some point he has to know that.

"He made a commitment to us when he signed his contract. We relied on it. He is not someone you can replace quickly. It is not easily done. We are counting on him being here. We are."

That would seem like a problem to me. Owner and coach should tell Chad to leave the premises, fine him each day for conduct detrimental to the team, forcing all the media out and letting the team get on with business.