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Friday morning links and notes

Jason Shirley's attorney will be in court Friday to learn whether or not his request to postpone the mistrial until after the NFL season will be granted or denied.

Chris Henry is working out with the New Orleans Saints (unofficially).

The general feel from people outside the Browns front office (media, fans), is that they're sad to see LeCharles Bentley go, but understand that it's business (and a mega-contract that the Browns never saw a return on). The PFT guys speculated that Bentley would go to the Vikings (personally, I thought it was a stretch), but the team is staying mum on it. To say that Gonzo doesn't approve of this purely speculative idea, would be an understatement. Why am I referring to Bentley? Well, I still think that there's a minor chance the Bengals might entertain the notion; but a very small chance.

Charlie Collins (former receivers coach for Chad Johnson at Santa Monica Junior College) says of his former player's state of mind: "By the time I'm done this week, it'll be in the right place."

Mark Curnutte's Chad Johnson timeline Thursday.