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Friday afternoon links and notes

The best part about being a blogger is that I don't have to trail the team, or jot notes in a notebook of particular interest. I can go about my day whenever and however I choose; I have a minor self-titled version of ADD, I lose interest and attention on things way too quickly. I take what others work hard to provide, sort out that information and then react. It's not a bad gig, to be honest. And I think it's why the mainstream media hates us so. They do the hard work; though it should be noted that they rely on us to help promote their work as we do them to provide a reaction to their work, or the context of their work. It's a good marriage. Sorry for the random thought...

If I were guessing (and I totally am based on body language), Thursday he felt out of place; thinking his teammates wanted nothing to do with him. On Friday, it seems he's loosening up a bit. He still isn't doing much, but he did run some drills, catch a few passes and play defense in wide receiver drills while he "seemed more approachable with coaches, teammates, and media alike". Hey, he says he's happy. All we need now is a spunky workout session in the driveway (or drive-through at the local McDonald's).

I think even Mark Curnutte is tired of talking about Johnson. His first line on his first "Day 2" updates is "Let's just get it over with"

Mike Zimmer has me really excited about the Bengals defense this coming season; along with added talent and another season of a talent-growing youthful foundation. Again, the atmosphere with the Bengals, compared to last year, seems so much better, Chad distraction included. (same Curnutte post above).

Coordinator Mike Zimmer and defensive backs coach Kevin Coyle are emphasizing tighter coverage against receivers. Zimmer has brought with him a teaching technique that tells defenders to use their feet and legs to get into position to jam receivers at the line.

And this:

Zimmer has been all over the DBs to contest every pass and on one play Thursday, Joseph and Simpson reached the ball at about the same time. With Zimmer yelling, "Get it out, get it out, get it out," Joseph wrenched it free to the ground.

A couple of snaps later, Zimmer motioned Joseph more to the outside and he ended up batting away an out pass headed to receiver Marcus Maxwell.

"I see you, Coach," Joseph exulted.

Chick Ludwig comments on how slow paced the Bengals first day minicamp was compared to the Cleveland Browns.

Marvin Lewis on LeCharles Bentley (the second Zimmer link):

Lewis noted, "he's been a very productive player" before missing the last two seasons with some major knee problems, and "when any veteran player gets waived, there are steps you go through to maybe check out, but we won't comment on anybody until we make the steps to bring him in here if we ever would."

That's the long version of "no comment" regarding their interest for the center that wants to start at guard.

Paul Daughterty beats on the media for looking so foolish Thursday with the hordes that arrived.

Shane Bulcher discusses the criminal element of the league. Editors Note: The issue is money, youth and failing to finish an education as a college ballplayer. Add everything together and you dissolve any definition of responsibility. Look at the younger crowds in Hollywood; they're really no different.