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Some details about Odell before Bengals released him

Every once in a while, I accidentally stumble across Chris Mortensen's ESPN blog. We're lucky if it's updated more than three times a month, so you can forgive me for missing this blurb. Mortensen wrote a brief half-post about Odell Thurman.

There's some details that weren't given much light about the whole affair leading up to Odell's release. For instance, the Bengals sent someone from the organization help and watch Thurman in Georgia while he was grieving for his grandmother's death. That organization employee was required to accompany Thurman back to Cincinnati for a more in-depth support plan; which included being around teammates and coaches (people that geniunely want to reach out to Odell).

Thurman "flat-out refused to return to Cincinnati, even fleeing afoot from the Bengals' rep."

I'm not going to play holier than thou and call Thurman a problem child, but the dude needs help or he's going to be dead.