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Some NFL Network segments on Bengals minicamp

There's several videos on the NFL Network's website that interviews, discusses and analyzes the Bengals minicamp (aka, Chad Johnson).

In this 1:39 segment, Thomas George speaks to Marvin Lewis about Chad Johnson. The one thing I noticed isn't how frustrated Marvin Lewis is; rather he seems personally hurt and disappointed that Johnson has turned into what he is now calling his turning point when he "changed representation. It's just gone downhill since then. Again, he's got to be his own man and make good decisions. Hopefully he'll come back to being the guy that we know as such a great spirit and a great football player and he's been having this stuff carrying around in his mind for awhile and don't let him drag him down like it has."

This 4:08 segment is mainly Chad walking back to the clubhouse, kissing Scott Hanson, throwing an arm around Ken Broo and then the Total Access guys talking about it. Nothing really big to note here.

This 3:01 segment is another recap of the first day at minicamp (again, Johnson). Thomas George joins Scott Hanson and says that owner Mike Brown doesn't know where this will go from here, calling that significant (we'll discuss that later).

This 5:09 segment is perhaps the best. Lewis talks about the team in general -- without a Chad Johnson reference -- and really boosts how the defense looks.