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Thinking out loud: If Chad dumps Rosenhaus...

Drew Rosenhaus said that Chad Johnson will "be at training camp." But it would appear that once Rosenhaus didn't have constant contact with Johnson, that Chad was slowly rejoining the team.

The more I kept thinking about it, supported by Lewis' admission that Johnson "changed" after new "representation", I'm starting to believe that Johnson truly is playing puppet to Oil Slick's strings. He had lost his independence. After Rosenhaus left, Chad increased his participation with the team. Perhaps he sees this team turning around showing progressive signs (one of his biggest arguments for demanding a trade appealing to Bengals fans), but that seems to be a stretch and a fraction of the real reason.

I doubt Chad will dump Rosenhaus (and that's Chad's biggest fault) because the money his clients receive are far more than any representative. And wherever he goes, or whatever he encourages his clients to do, trouble and controversy follows. I do think that Chad wants a new contract after seeing the growth of ridiculous pay increases from players like Randy Moss, Terrell Owens and Larry Fitzgerald. And I can't say with any confidence that if I saw my counterparts see pay raises that I wouldn't be peeved about it. I wouldn't have a problem if Chad wanted more money; just that the advice he's getting from Oil Slick is murdering his reputation and has all but burnt bridges in Cincinnati.

Just something to think about.