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Open questions at full back

When it was written that Daniel Coats was taking reps in the backfield during OTAs, you figured one of two things: either the Bengals were preparing a player to replace Reggie Kelly when he eventually leaves (contract expires after 2009 season), or Jeremi Johnson was close to losing a roster spot. Jeremi spent most of minicamp working with strength and conditioning coaches to get his weight down. Hobson writes that Lewis is "not enamored with the weight Jeremi Johnson has packed on, evidenced by his banishment to the side."

"We moved Dan to fullback to compete for the spot. We wouldn't have made the move if we didn't think Dan could do it," Lewis said. "I think Jeremi will get himself in position where he can compete. If not we have Dan and other guys and whoever else we have to play fullback."

Mark Curnutte says that Johnson "appears to be significantly heavier than his listed 260 pounds". Chick Ludwig says Johnson "appears to be 300-plus ". If Jeremi doesn't make the team (based on his contract and the coaches frustration against him, it would appear he's nearly out of the door), and if Daniel Coats doesn't pick up the position, the Bengals do have options with undrafted college free agent signings in Tyler Whaley and Bradley Glatthaar; both from schools in Ohio.

UPDATE: NFL Network's Marshall Faulk talks about the Bengals rush block .