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Sunday afternoon links and notes

Marvin Lewis "applauds" rookie running back James Johnson; which is somewhat significant. Injuries are often random events in the NFL (Google, Bengals, linebackers, 2007) and there's a real possibility that DeDe Dorsey could start the season on the PUP opening a spot for another back. From Lewis' impressions, it could be James Johnson that takes the spot. There's a long way to go and Dorsey could just as easily recover; but my gut tells me if James doesn't make the roster, he'll be on the team's practice squad. Lewis was also impressed with cornerback David Jones, linebacker Brandon Johnson and wide receiver Marcus Maxwell (this guy is making the squad).

The Bengals coaching staff is really happy (more like excited) about Rudi Johnson and Chris Perry's health.

The Bengals are still unsure of Chad Johnson's injury, possibly setting up a situation that Johnson sits out during training camp using the mysterious aliment as an excuse so fans don't get on his ass. I'm just assuming all that -- but it did seem that Chad got "back to the flow of things".

I know I shouldn't laugh, but I did.

The Bengals defense, with it's new aggressive "hands on approach" frustrated the offense ironically pleasing offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski so the offense can get used to it now -- that helps in the defensive-strong AFC North.

The Centers behind Eric Ghiaciuc had problems all minicamp dropping snaps. So Bobbie Williams got some snaps under center. Says Curnutte, "Bratkowski and head coach Marvin Lewis stressed Williams potentially would be only a backup center." What we don't get is this: Is Williams "only a backup center" or is Williams the only backup center putting to rest any assumption that he's competing for the starting job? Stacy Andrews took over at right guard placing Willie Anderson back in his old digs.

Marvin Lewis and Chad Johnson tells us that we should vote for Barack Obama. No thanks.

Former Miami University cornerback, Jerrid Gaines, is in an uphill battle to make the roster.

Bleacher Report tells us that if the Bengals don't improve this year, then we should expect Marvin Lewis to be canned. Apparently Bleacher Report doesn't know Mike Brown; it's not because of being cheap, it's because of his loyalty to coaches.