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Monday Morning links and notes

Jordan Palmer is working hard at an opportunity to playing in the NFL and learning under big brother Carson.

William's when asked of the Bengals offensive line's weight: "The average weight is B-I-G"

Matt Miller ranks Levi Jones as the 14th best tackle in the NFL (Willie Anderson 22nd, the offensive guard Andrew Whitworth 34th, Anthony Collins 119th, former Bengals tackle 154th, Dan Uperesa 157th). Franchise player, Stacy Andrews, didn't even make the list.

Chris Perry's health has improved 7.5% since last updated. Says Chick Ludwig: "He flashed speed, quickness and acceleration the entire camp, and made numerous catches with his large hands."

A Broncos fan posted a "thought of the week" that's apparently relevant today after Chris Henry was arrested and released. Henry was released from the Bengals 74 days ago. If this post was written two years ago, then it might make sense.