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Breaking down Peko's extension...

Who Dey Revolution argues that Domata Peko's contract is way, way too much saying it could not only one of the highest, but the best paid. I admit, I was a bit shocked at the signing (hadn't even heard of it in the pipe). I asked Leo Goeas, Peko's agent, about the contract's breakdown to understand how much of an impact it would have on the team's finances, per season. He simply said that the deal is "worth $30.3M with $8.5 in guaranteed money."

We figure that $29.3 million is in new money with $1 left over for 2008 ($445,000) and 2009 ($520,000) combined. We also figure that the guaranteed money will be in the form of signing bonuses, roster bonuses, etc... bringing his base total to $21.8 million. Span that over seven seasons and that figures to $3.1 million per season and, roughly, an additional $1.2 million against the cap ($4.3 million total, per season). Thornton will make more in base salary ($3.5 million) and be more against the cap ($4.625 million) in 2008.

Let's be really really clear. This is based totally on assumption; using a basic understanding of how contracts are broken down. Either way, that's a lot of cash for a guy that I haven't thought of highly enough to become the top-ten paid defensive lineman.