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Gents, let's talk a little football

If you're been a regular reader of this blog since 2006, you know that when training camp approaches, we'll start talking football. Rather than this who-said she-said crap in minicamp with Puppet Master, Oil Slick leaning against a Cincinnati tree depreciating its value (Ecologists were forced to call in Toxicologists). Man, I think agents are huge detriments to their clients, advising them on childish ways to kindly ask for more money. Poo that. We'll talk football, gents. Football. FOOTBALL.

We might get on Chad Johnson a lot (100% deserved, BTW), but Johnson truly did have a great 2007 season -- arguably his best. With 93 receptions, Johnson set a career-high in yards receiving (1,440), first-down receptions (74) and receptions going for 20 yards or more (27). His eight touchdowns were two less than his career-high 10 (2003).

His 34.0 DPAR (Defense-adjusted Points About Replacement -- DPAR is the accumulation of the player's total value) ranks sixth behind Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Reggie Wayne, Wes Welker, Marques Colston. His DVOA ranked 19th at 13.9% (Defense-adjusted Value Over Average).

Both metrics show that Johnson's value is far better T.J. Houshmandzadeh -- especially in value-per-play (10.2 yards-per-catch didn't even rank). Though it should be pointed out that his 12 touchdowns (kind of an important stat), tied fourth in the NFL. Of the 161 passes at Chad, he missed 68 (t-3rd NFL). Houshmandzadeh only dropped 57 (t-16th). And Houshmandzadeh tore the league up (i.e., 1st NFL) with 27 receptions on third down that led to first down. Johnson's 22 tied for fifth-best.

Andrew Whitworth and Stacy Williams tied for most penalties by an offensive lineman for the team. Both had seven (all of Andrews flags were false starts). Levi Jones was never flagged for holding all season. Stacy Andrews has never been called for holding in his entire NFL career.

Since 2005 (his best season), Palmer's pass attempts-per-season has progressively increased -- but has passer rating has dipped. In 2005, Palmer attempted 509 passes and recorded a 101.1 passer rating. In 2006, Palmer attempted 520 passes finishing with a 93.9 passer rating. In 2007, Palmer attempted 575 passes and finished with an 86.7 passer rating.

Derek Anderson ripped the Bengals during week #2 (121.0 passer rating, five touchdowns). In the rematch, the Bengals defense picked him off four times. By the way, Anderson's week two performance is the only time the Bengals pass defense allowed more than 300 yards passing to a quarterback.

In the final half of the season (eight games), the Bengals defense allowed only one 100-yard rusher (Frank Gore, 138 yards). The Bengals went 5-3 during that stretch.

More on rush defense. The Bengals went 0-7 allowing a 100-yard rusher; 7-2 when not allowing. The Bengals went 5-1 allowing less than 100 yards to a team; 2-8 otherwise.