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Chad Johnson to have surgery... a bit late, eh?

I can't say that I understand why a player waits until June to have arthroscopic surgery on an injury that's been problematic since before the heavy Cincinnati snows, but I admit, I don't understand a lot. If you look back to last season's injury reports, Johnson rarely missed practice, usually fully participated and if he was listed, it wasn't his ankle.

Curnutte writes that Johnson will undergo arthroscopic surgery to remove bone chips in his ankle on Wednesday. Apparently, the ankle was problematic and the Bengals asked Johnson, after the win against Miami, to have the procedure done. He declined.

Not saying that this is true, but I wouldn't be surprised if Oil Slick and Johnson decided to use the injury as an excuse to avoid training camp and continuing doing what they're doing -- images of Terrell Owens riding a bike come to mind. If true, the injury could limit the character-suicide campaign he's conducted this off-season by say shrugging and saying, "I'm hurt." Again, total speculation. Again, it wouldn't surprise me.