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Tuesday night links and notes

I suppose it's matter of understanding when players tell us that teams can release players at any time though expect them to honor their contracts.

"People think that if you sign a contract, you should honor your contract," said Bengals safety Dexter Jackson, who has had a bird's-eye view of the Chad Johnson saga playing out in Cincinnati. "But the team can release you anytime."

What? You mean you have to play by the same rules as we do? Get out of here. No way! Are you serious? No. I think Dexter is just playin' with us. Seriously. Professional athletes are clearly on a much larger playing scale that people like you and I. In financial and job security, specifically. You get paid well enough to run the line of losing your job at any time because your performance doesn't justify the investment. As we're told from athletes that are continuously disgruntled, that's business, man.

Moving on.

I highly doubt that the Bengals will go after Albert Haynesworth when he's a free agent in 2009; they're pretty set on building within. The Titans have until July 15th to sign the defensive tackle to a long-term deal.

The Bengals have the 28th best franchise in NFL history. Their claim to fame? "Annually leads league in disgruntled stars."

Fox Sports' Peter Schrager points out the obvious asking why so many "big time" receivers are so unhappy. "They're all Drew Rosenhaus clients." Stop. No need to go further. We agree, understand and accept.

John Clayton chimes in on the Chad Johnson deal saying perhaps it's not just about money.