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Monday Morning Links and Notes

If you have the NFL Network -- and going by subscription rates for the Network, you probably don't -- then tune in on June 9 for "The Freezer Bowl".

There is no offseason thinks weird things are happening in Cincinnati, including the premise of not re-signing T.J. Houshmandzadeh. Let's see. Players not being arrested, previously suspended players being waived, not putting up with 30-year wide receivers and the team acquiring "high character guys"? They're right, things are weird in Cincinnati.

On May 21, we examined if Jeremi Johnson would be a casualty when the Bengals broke training camp because the team appears to be going with spread-like tendencies (well, reportedly), while Daniel Coats gets work in the backfield. That was one of Chick Ludwig's reasons... his first is something called Fatosis. I also think that the Bengals are better suited with Rudi Johnson, Chris Perry, Kenny Watson and DeDe Dorsey as their four running backs. Everything you look at all points to Jeremi's exit.

Who Dey Revolution agrees with Sal Paolantonio's assertion that Marvin Lewis is overrated. My question for all of those that think he's overrated (and there's a ton of you): Where did you rate him "great" anyway? He had upswing, prospect and, no doubt, got us far removed from a depressing 2-14 season. But he didn't have his first winning season until his third season, nor won a playoff game yet. Over-rated? Nah. He just hasn't done well to begin with. If you over-rate someone based on expectations, then that's just your fault for driving that person's worth.

Right now, I expect that the Bengals will take Chad Johnson, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Jerome Simpson, Andre Caldwell, Glenn Holt and Marcus Maxwell into the first regular season game. In other words, I don't see Antonio Chatman making the team with, perhaps, Mario Urrutia on the practice squad.