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SI: Thurman facing indefinite suspension

If reports are true, and Odell Thurman is facing an indefinite suspension based on another failed drug test, then let me get a towel, run it under warm water from the faucet and wipe my face from all the egg yoke. Then, let me apologize to Marvin Lewis and the Bengals front office for slamming them days after releasing the linebacker days after the burial of his dear grandmother.

We suspected that there was "something else" when the Bengals released Thurman. That "something else" was never made public and the world thought the Bengals released Thurman for sticking with family after the sudden death of his grandmother. That "something else" could be realized now. I still don't understand why the Bengals (again, if reports are true) wouldn't explain totally their reasoning. Not that it matters and not that they're in the wrong.

Anyway, there you go. Supposedly he's facing an indefinite suspension.