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Chad reiterates, he's coming back

Drama Queen, minion of Oil Slick, reiterates that he'll be back in Cincinnati in a guest editor spot with ESPN the Mag. Some quotes.

"Am I coming back? Of course I am. I told my coaches I'm going to California to act, but the truth is I may come back to the Bengals as early as June."

"People want to call me controversial. Okay, yeah, I celebrate. I've voiced a strong opinion about my team and wanting out of Cincinnati. Whoop-de-do. No DUIs. No arrests. No domestic violence. No nothing. Except a goddamn Hall of Fame jacket and a couple of dances. People want to be entertained but the minute you open up about it and have some fun, they bash you for it, they kill you. They want you to play inside this little box, and if you ever dare step outside this box you're in trouble. Well, there is no box for me. I am completely out the box."

"Management told me I had a bad year. I was asked to stop being me. Okay, but how does that work since I am what some people would say is the face of Cincinnati?"

"If we want to be like Indy and New England, we have to pay for difference-makers on defense. Our offense is fine."