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Monday morning links and notes

Who Dey Nation disagrees with our assessment that the Bengals acquiring any player that runs the risk of embarrassing the team (or actions that led to suspensions) does, in fact, constitute a "win at all costs" model. When Odell Thurman and Chris Henry were rookies, I can't remember a single person against them as draft selections; especially against ownership. Then the players, on their own accord, get into trouble and the Bengals hands are tied against cutting them because of the CBA. What exactly are they supposed to do? Dave takes it one step further.

Mike Florio joins the "Marvin on the hot seat" gang. I've said this before, but I'm a nice guy, I'll reiterate. It would seem that the Bengals are revamping many segments of their team -- notably the secondary and wide receiver. Linebackers are stronger this year, as is the defensive line. Still, I think the Bengals are short of winning the division. With that said, this would be the "rebuilding year" that last year should have been. With that in mind, I don't see super-loyalist Mike Brown making any change, no matter the Bengals on-field failures. Dave lists his five favorite Bengals games during the Lewis era. B.J. agrees.

What I don't understand is why is it so hard to believe that Geoff Hobson writes positive-minded pieces on the team's official web site. Remember, if you go to any official web site of any product, service or company, it's incredibly rare that they rip the product ad nauseam. That's what we're here for, right?

Shaun Alexander says "there's only 29, 30 running backs in the league." Supposedly the Bengals have that market cornered with at least four. One site asks why Alexander doesn't "get any football respect" while the Boston Herald documents Alexander's message of faith.

Get Sports Info wonders if signing Domata Peko to a long-term deal is the Bengals "best off-season move". I'm not 100% on board with that; Antwan Odom might be better. And not dumping Chad might, ironically, be the best move that never happened.

After Chris Henry had one of his six billion charges dropped on Friday (while his SUV was unsuccessfully being towed outside in the court parking lot), the charge of assaulting a UC student resumes Monday.

Pro Football Weekly claims that the Bengals and Johnson are "getting back on same page". On the other hand there's "just not a lot of cinergy" in Cincinnati.