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Jason Shirley's case in jurors hands

Right now, the jury is deliberating the case against Jason Shirley. Closing arguments ended Tuesday:

During closing arguments Tuesday, Shirley's defense team said the athlete suffered a concussion and only appeared to be drunk. But the prosecution said Shirley was clearly drunk and driving the car.

The keys to the prosecution's case were two breath tests Shirley took. The tests registered his blood-alcohol content at 0.12% and 0.11%. Magill argued the tests could have been incorrectly administered by a police officer, altering the test results. [Fresno Bee]

Earlier this week, Jason Shirley's Fresno State coach, Pat Hill testified in defense of Shirley's four misdemeanors. Dr. William Carveth was also called:

Carveth, an official team doctor the past three seasons, testified that the concussion Shirley sustained days before he drove a car into a townhome complex in the late night hours of Oct. 8 could have compounded the effects of the alcohol he drank that night and affected his decision making, emotional stability and ability to follow directions.