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Frostee Rucker wants a fresh start

Frostee Rucker hasn't had the most impressive impression with Bengals fans. After public legal battles, Rucker missed his entire rookie season (2006). He hurt his shoulder during the preseason, went inactive during games 1-3 and then reaggravated his shoulder putting him on Injured Reserve for the season.

After suffering a hamstring injury in 2007, Rucker missed the first three games of the season, played in five games, just didn't play in another and was tagged as "inactive" for seven games.

Rucker is ready to put his legal troubles and first two seasons behind him.

"I have to go out there and win a job for myself," he said. "I've been sitting here for two years, and things really haven't gone my way. I can't point the finger at anyone, but at this point in time I'm healthy, in shape and hungry. There is an opportunity with Justin Smith leaving. The team brought in another guy, but I'm still competing to be a starter eventually, and I'm not settling for anything less than that."

As of now, the Bengals have four players labeled as defensive ends in Antwan Odom, Robert Geathers, Jonathan Fanene and Rucker.