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If Chad makes up with coaches and players, I can accept that

Chad Johnson's supposed return next week is coming with a lot of fanfare -- but mostly skeptical fans and coaches. And I don't mean regarding the question of whether or not he'll attend. I mean, will his return be more distraction than his absence? How will the lockerroom respond?

For his part, Marvin Lewis hasn't budged.

“No.1, he’s not here. No.2, it’s something he said a while back, a long time ago. So it’s really not a concern. Chad has a contract to play football. He has to make some decisions on his own.”

Though teammates are taking the high road.

Carson Palmer:

“I’ll be extremely happy when he gets here. I hope he is (here). We’ll see. I’m not going to talk a whole bunch about that issue.”

Glen Holt: “We’re just worrying about ourselves. We know (Johnson) has his position.”

John Thornton ("defensive leader"): “The guys who aren’t here aren’t here. They can afford not to be here. Chad is a five-time Pro Bowler. T.J. tied for the most receptions (112) in the league. (Starting left tackle) Levi Jones is working out (in Arizona).”

Here's my simple position. If he makes up with coaches, doesn't in-fight with teammates, then hell, come back, score touchdowns, etc.. But those are a lot of "ifs". This team needs to be fully powered to succeed this season, and if Chad Johnson is apart of that, then so be it. I just want this damned team to win.

At the same time, it would seem that Marcus Maxwell continues to increase his stud status.