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Friday links and notes

ESPN the Magazine threw their "Revenge of the Jock" party Wednesday night. T.J. Houshmandzadeh and a "naked" Chad Johnson (4th pic) were having a good ol' time working out.

After Johnson claimed he's be with the team at mandatory camp, he's still keeping his options open and his mind isn't totally made up. Chad could lose $1,700 per day during mandatory minicamp and $14,000 per day during training camp. Bengal Stripes isn't buying his return.

The plan for the defense is start with the 4-3 and then work in 3-4 later. Bengals linebacker coach, Jeff FitzGerald says, "We want to get good at what we do first before we start stretching out into other things."

We previously said that Jason Shirley would be free to come to Cincinnati after a mistrial Thursday. That's not the case. Jason Shirley has a hearing for his fourth misdemeanor charge at 1:30 p.m. today and his retrial is expected to "take place June 25 with jury motions being heard June 9."

Antwan Odom sticks with this PB&J, Snickers and milk diet to gain weight. examines running backs. Speaking of which, no news on the Shaun Alexander front other than the argument surfacing if Alexander is a Hall of Fame candidate.

Not the Bengals, not the Reds. The Cincinnati Cyclones won Thursday night, 3-1, in the sixth game of the Kelly Cup Finals over the Las Vegas to win the ECHL's Kelly Cup. It's the first title that calls Cincinnati home since the Reds swept the Athletics in 1990. Even worse, you have to go back to the Cincinnati Mohawks beating the Troy Bruins April 3, 1955 when the last time a Cincinnati team won the title in Cincinnati (1990, Reds won title in Oakland... 1976, Reds won title in New York... 1975, Reds won title in Boston).