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Monday morning links and notes

Clifton Brown finds it amusing that Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson have gone through a role reversal. In truth, so do we.

The 2008 Cincinnati Bengals are depending on Carson Palmer. In reality, they depend on him every single game of every single season. Without Palmer, there's no chance.

Mark Curnutte doesn't think Shirley will make this week's minicamp. Though if his retrial doesn't start until June 25, why does he need to be in Fresno? Though in his blog he writes that the team expects him to be at minicamp.

Madieu Williams does his best not to slam the Bengals, but his point is clear. The Bengals are a "sideshow" and the Vikings are a team. How refreshing.

The 49ers have been moving Justin Smith to outside linebacker -- based on alignments.

Inside OTAs.