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Thursday morning links and notes

With football season fast approaching, so is fantasy football. In general, fantasy sports is believed to be an estimated $3-4 billion industry. ESPN's 2008 Fantasy Quarterback rankings have Palmer listed sixth, behind Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Tony Romo, Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger. Based on their positions:

QB - Ryan "I'm not Fitzgerald" Fitzpatrick is 63rd
RB - Rudi Johnson is 26th, Kenny Watson is 48th, Chris Perry is 102nd, Kenny Irons is 106th
WR - T.J. Houshmandzadeh is eighth, Chad Johnson is 12th, Andre Caldwell is 88th, Jerome Simpson is 105th
TE - Ben Utecht is 17th, Reggie Kelly is 68th,
K - Shayne Graham is 2nd,
D/ST - Bengals defense/special teams is 22nd

Palmer put his Laguna Beach house on the market. The writer isn't sure why, but Carson realizes truth -- Cincinnati is way better than L.A. YEA!

Marvin Lewis should be on the hot seat. Others are actually wondering what he has to do to be put on the hot seat.

Rudi Johnson will start the season, but Kenny Watson is a more valuable running back. Just ignore the misspelling of "Cincinatti".

Cincinnati has the fifth best offensive line in the AFC.

Rudi Johnson talks about his cars.

This site lists Anthony Munoz as the greatest offensive tackle... ever (we can't argue that... at all). Willie Anderson received honorable mention.

Chick Ludwig points out that none of the Bengals draft picks have been signed yet.