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Thursday night links and notes

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Matt ranks Bengals center Eric Ghiaciuc as the league's 13th best center. Kyle Cook came in at 69th.

Do I think that training camp is "pivotal" for Chad Johnson? No. Though I'm not sure how I'd react to being called Robin.

If you're upset that Chris Henry may have taxpayers pay for his transcript, then you're obviously not paying attention to most legal matters in America.

If you like spending a ton of money that could be used for a gallon of gas, then go for this autographed football.

ESPN keeps rolling with their utterly pointless survey of head coaches on whom they think the "smartest" football player is, or the dirtiest, or the owner with the "best reputation". Now, they're picking Chad Johnson over Terrell Owens. Here's the funny thing; Owens is the only player teams don't want on their roster over Chad Johnson.

Dave points out that why franchising Stacy Andrews was worth it.

The Bengals have begun talks with their rookies.