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Houshmandzadeh playing his final season as a Bengal?

Hashmark's James Walker agrees with Dave (Stripe Hype) and I -- T.J. Houshmandzadeh will probably leave Cincinnati after the season. It's not that any of us think he should; personally, I think he's the best receiver when this team needs a first down, or red zone touchdown. Chad puts up the numbers, but Houshmandzadeh puts this team in a position to win.

Walker says that the Bengals are cheap and that T.J. will price "himself out of Cincinnati with last year's phenomenal season." While I think the former is true, it's the latter scenario that likely plays out.

Houshmandzadeh has come off successive career seasons, climbing his receptions, yards receiving, first-down receptions and touchdowns each of the past two seasons. If the Bengals and Houshmandzadeh actually come to terms for an extension, I'll be surprised, but far from upset.

However, we strongly believe that the Bengals have Stacy Andrews targeted for the team's next contract extension while Willie Anderson is close to, what we suspect, is retirement.

Also playing on their final season under contract is John Thornton, Deltha O'Neal, Shayne Graham, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Michael Myers, Jim Maxwell, Nate Lawrie, Eric Ghiaciuc, Blue Adams, Rashad Jeanty (will only be a restricted free agent), Corey Mays, Herana-Daze Jones and John Busing.

Something to consider also is those that will playing in their final season of their contract after 2009: which is every running back except Kenny Irons. Also included are both starting guards, Andrew Whitworth and Bobbie Williams. The team is actively looking to extend Whitworth and Andrews.