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Saturday morning links and notes -- another blog ripping me off?

It would seem that someone is ripping me off. I have a hard time believing that someone would write the exact same notes inside projected positions that I did in this post, four days before these thieves claimed my work as their own.

“He’s the guy who’s trying to come into the league with confidence in his first year, and everybody is telling him he shouldn't be the quarterback. He just really needs to not worry about what everyone is saying and compete.”
- Carson Palmer on Aaron Rodgers with the possibly that Brett Favre may return.

If Odell Thurman ever plays in the NFL again, it won't be soon; and I'd be shocked.

When players know that their status is listed as "final chance", they say things like they're ready.

Ludwig talks with Shayne Graham.

What's up with recently departed Bengals?

Jaxon predicts that Landon Johnson will be Panther's starting WILL linebacker, enabling the Panthers more coverage sacks by covering the opposing tight end.

Justin Smith is being groomed as a defensive end / outside linebacker hybrid -- though he's getting more work at linebacker. Fooch is even wondering who the team will keep as an extra lineman.

With Darren Sharper and Madieu Williams, the Vikings could have the best duo of safeties in the NFC. Why not the NFL?

Caleb Miller and Lemar Marshall are still unemployed.