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Tuesday morning links and notes

Supposedly three of the Bengals draft picks signed contracts. The Bengals aren't confirming until the deals are signed, which is, on par with the Bengals. Ludwig writes that Jason Shirley, Matt Sherry and Mario Urrutia have signed four-year contracts. Since numbers aren't be disclosed yet, and contracts must be signed and submitted before the NFLPA recognizes it, we can't really assume anything.

As noted by readers, charges against Chris Henry are dropped. The NFL is currently reviewing whether or not Henry will be reinstated. Those that complain about the Bengals keeping Henry, are going to be the same ones that question, did the Bengals react too soon? The fact that you had to wait until after the charges were dropped to ponder the question, only solidifies the Bengals made the right choice, with the information presented to them.

Have you noticed this morning was renamed to