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Tuesday afternoon links and notes

On Wednesday, you can see Marvin Lewis and Shayne Graham at the Savannah Center in the Union Centre area. For $20 you can sample food from more than 20 restaurants (that alone is worth the cost).

The Bengal Blitz has a very pessimistic view of Stacy Andrews.

Before taking the Red Eye flight out of California to join his camp, T.J. Houshmandzadeh has been working with Carson Palmer in southern California.

James Walker gave the Bengals an "F" for their 2005 draft. Which, today, is accurate (especially since Eric Ghiaciuc and Jonathan Fanene are the only players on the active roster). Hindsight is an over-rated tool used by those that love quoting history because the present is either too boring, or reflecting of history -- no matter how off-beat the connection is. But, the season those players were rookies, they were HUGE contributors. At the time, it was a hellva draft. In hindsight, it actually set us back a bit.