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Mario Urrutia had a long way to make the roster

A Courier-Journal writer isn't "backing down" from his opinion that Mario Urrutia "could be a bust" -- mostly for his "boneheadedness and whining". Not that a seventh-round pick wide receiver, likely fighting guys like Marcus Maxwell, Glenn Holt and Antonio Chatman for the #5 and #6 spots on the team's depth chart, could be considered a "bust".

As it stands, after Urrutia signed a minimum contract, he'll be far behind Chad Johnson, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Jerome Simpson and Andre Caldwell. Antonio Chatman and Marcus Maxwell will have a leg-up on the competition for their experience and off-season programs and Glenn Holt has benefited from decent performances with special teams. I'd figure that Urrutia would be a good candidate for the practice squad as a receiver the team could groom down the road when Chad and T.J. are either gone, or on their way out.

Travis Brown, Clyde Logan and Maurice Purify are also rookies that figure to compete for a spot.