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Thursday morning links and notes -- Chad might not be ready for training camp

Pro Fantasy Sports ranks the Bengals defense 26th:

26. Cincinnati Bengals: It’s amazing that a head coach with such an impressive defensive background just can never get that side of the ball right. There are a few reasons for optimism this season, though. Antwan Odom looks like a decent pickup at end and should offer more of a pass rush than Justin Smith did. He’ll have to prove he can do it without Albert Haynesworth around, though, something he didn’t do in Tennessee last season. Robert Geathers should return to the other end after a rash of linebacker injuries forced him to shift back to man the strong side. First-round pick Keith Rivers will be worth watching on the weak side, and the pair of 2007 rookies stepping in at safety will be interesting if nothing else. Marvin Lewis lauded one, Chinedum Ndukwe, for his playmaking ability last year, so we’ll see how right he was. The starting corners are both former No. 1 picks, so an enhanced rush could lead to a decent number of turnovers. 

There's a possibly that Chad might miss the start of training camp. To say I'm surprised would be an outright lie. When the injury was disclosed during mandatory minicamp, we pretty much assumed that Chad could use an injury as a way to protest again -- yet, this time, the fans won't get on his case. Anyway, we're just assuming and hope that we're wrong; considering it seemed that Chad eased himself back with the team, ready for the season.