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Bengals are interested in Chris Henry? Bull.

How stupid would the Bengals be inviting Chris Henry back?

"We have interest in several teams, including Cincinnati,'' (Marvin) Frazier said Thursday. Frazier is Henry's representative.

There's no question about his talent. And though I'm not as weighted on the character bandwagon like many others, I do see the point that Henry's conduct has forced his limitation on the field -- i.e., suspensions. In a sense, you can't trust the guy. You can't trust him to remain clean with the constant threat of suspensions hovering over the team's head. That's simple dependability.

There's something else to consider. Frazier would be wise to over-estimate the interest with his client figuring the Bengals -- previous team that has put up with character-type players -- could increase his client's demands hoping other teams will try to outbid the Bengals; who have little interest after releasing him and drafting three receivers and signing three more undrafted college free agents.

Henry still has to meet with Chancellor Roger Goodell. After that, he'll review his case and judge whether or not to reinstate Henry.