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ESPN Interviews Carson Palmer

ESPN's Ed Werder talks with Carson Palmer. Palmer addresses the Bengals 2008 season (he uses the words "shot" and "Super Bowl" in the same sentence!). He also addresses conduct problems, excitement about a young defense, not having won a championship since the Super Bowl, Chad Johnson (after what Johnson did this off-season, you realize that Palmer is the ultimate teammate), thought the 2006 team was a damn good one (just too inconsistent), some more Chad Johnson, and more repeat questions with different ways of asking it.

We haven't spoken about Palmer much this off-season, mostly because he's so damned boring. We know he's going to be there (so we can't talk injury), he's doesn't much care for interviews, he's learned quickly the art of "coach speak" and, well, he just goes about his business. I guess since the fan base is mostly blue-collar workers (a lot of white-collar workers too... don't want anyone to feel excluded), we really appreciate that. But as the season comes up, we'll have our daily man-crush posts with our little John Morrell buddy.