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Friday morning links and notes -- we own the Ravens

Rexx is doing a game by game rundown. Just, wow. Though he has the Ravens beating the Bengals 27-13 during kickoff weekend, Rexx needs to remember that the Bengals have won five of their past six against the Ravens, six of the past eight games. It's something else when another team has to hear these words spoken by a Bengals fan: "We own you!". :-)

Reaction started rolling in after it was written that Chris Henry's agent, Marvin Frazier, said that the Bengals were one of several teams interested in Chris Henry. Chick Ludwig got ahold of Frazier and had a few moments with Chris Henry, but agrees that the Bengals should just let this go. Mark Curnutte had no reaction, but the comments on his blog were generally against signing the receiver.

Here's a story about Jim Bradley; he played at Penn State and earned a try out with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Since we're a little slow on the links and notes front...

If you didn't see, Oscar Diaz, a welterweight boxer, collapsed in the 11th round Wednesday night. He was rushed to a local hospital where he's fighting for his life; suffering from swelling in his brain -- and it doesn't look good. The MMA guys at Bloody Elbow react.

Even though Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto gave up two runs in each of the last three innings he worked, the Reds scored a combined eight runs in two innings with good relief pitching by Jeremy Affeldt, Mike Lincoln and David Weathers. Then Cordero struck out the first batter he saw, gave up six straight hits -- including a game-tying two run homer -- and two more runs to lose the game 10-8.