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Saturday morning links and notes

After Rexx predicted the Ravens beating the Bengals 27-13 during opening weekend, he predicts the season sweep after the Ravens beat the Bengals 27-17. The Ravens haven't swept the Bengals since the Bengals 2002 season when we went 2-14. On the other hand, the Bengals have two season sweeps (2007, 2005) over the Ravens in the past three seasons.

Even the Pro Football Weekly guys are expecting the Bengals to have a good year rushing the ball.

With RB Rudi Johnson returning to full strength after having fought a hamstring injury last season and Chris Perry back in the fold after missing the '07 campaign with an ankle injury, the Bengals have the makings of a deep, talented backfield. And they will also have reason to put the ball in the air a little less this season, the way we hear it. Among AFC teams, only pass-happy New England threw more than Cincinnati did last season. The Bengals can still air it out when necessary, but more of an emphasis on the ground game is expected. You can expect the backs to be active in the passing game, too, especially Perry and Kenny Watson, both of whom catch the ball exceptionally well.

There's been kind of a trend between bloggers and media writers. Bloggers, local to Cincinnati aren't buying the Marvin on the hot seat argument while the national media (those that try to weigh non-stories with anvils and air craft carriers) says he is (or should be). If you want late breaking news, the national media has their purpose. If you want opinion about the Bengals from guys that surf the internet for hours, then we're a pretty good option.