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Wednesday morning links and notes -- Kevin Jones?

Chris Henry isn't out of the woods after a Hamilton County Municipal Judge declared a mistrial on Tuesday. Likely he'll have a retrial, but we're not sure how that would work out in terms of NFL eligibly. Would Roger Goodell allow Henry to sign and play with a team, or keep him away while pending an actual verdict (rather than a mistrial).

Speaking of trials, a couple of former Bengals players were in court Tuesday -- fullback Lorenzo Neal testified in Steve Foley's lawsuit against an off-duty officer.

Matt Miller released his NFL rankings among centers. Eric Ghiaciuc was ranked a very fair 13th. Kyle Cook was the second Bengal listed at -- take it for me Bill and Ted -- siiixty-nine.

Bengals locker writes that the Bengals like their fullback situation. I believe there's truth to that, for several reasons. However, it appears (from various beat writers) that the Bengals are really tired of Jeremi Johnson's constant overweight issues during this off-season; like the off-seasons before. And it would appear that converting Daniel Coats to fullback was in response to Jeremi's weight and could signal the end of his Cincinnati career. We're totally assuming there, and the Bengals could be content working Jeremi hard to get him in shape.

Dan Arkush listed his top-ten (we love lists!!!) acquisitions this off-season. Antwan Odom came in ninth:

He’s the Bengals’ new left end, replacing the more high-profile Justin Smith, who signed with the Niners. Odom registered eight sacks last season for the Titans (Smith had two for the Bengals). The guess here is that his long arms, sound technique and big-time motor will make him a surprisingly big hit in Cincy, even though he will no longer be benefiting from playing opposite the extremely underrated Kyle Vanden Bosch.

Chick Ludwig ponders running backs and how it might be a good idea to acquire one of the available free agents -- especially Kevin Jones.