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Marvin Lewis is more than safe

Within the past month, several publications label Bengals head coach, Marvin Lewis, on their respective "hot seat" lists (we love lists!!!). To be fair, the general perception is accurate; Lewis was a noted defensive coach, yet the Bengals defense has yet to show significant improvements -- except for turnovers where the Bengals are actually decent. Perception is also that Lewis has struggled with problematic players. To me, this splits off into two arguments; which we've beaten to death. However, it's the perception. He allows a chaotic lockerroom based on reports from PFT.

In five seasons, the Bengals have one playoff appearance (no wins) and only one winning record. It should also be noted that only one time in franchise history have the Bengals gone through a stretch longer than Lewis' four consecutive non-losing seasons between 2003-2006. Among all-time Bengals head coaches, Lewis' .525 ranks third among the nine Bengals head coaches in franchise history.

  1. Forrest Greg (32-25, .561)
  2. Bill Johnson (18-15, .545)
  3. Marvin Lewis (42-38, .525)
  4. Paul Brown (55-56-1, .495)
  5. Sam Wyche (61-66, .480)
  6. Bruce Coslet (21-39, .350)
  7. Homer Rice (8-19, .296)
  8. Dave Shula (19-52, .268)
  9. Dick LeBeau (12-33, .267)

Lewis has his faults and failures -- most notably the draft picks that simply don't pan out along with several perceptions.

Specifically speaking this season, the Bengals are undergoing a transformation, of sorts. With several wide receiver draft picks, a revamped Bengals secondary, a solid defensive front-seven and a new defensive coordinator that's drawing tremendous reviews from players, the Bengals are the midst of a "revamping". Which makes me think that even if the Bengals fail miserably this season, Lewis is still safe. Oh, then there's the question: "Do you want the front office to select another head coach?"