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Tuesday afternoon links and notes

Marvin Lewis made it known (which is freaking rare), that the Bengals are not going to re-sign Chris Henry, despite Marvin Frazier saying that the Bengals were one of several teams interested. Recap notes from the Hobson article regarding the annual training camp luncheon (mostly depth chart stuff).

  • Stacy Andrews is over Willie Anderson on the depth chart at right tackle.
  • Dhani Jones will be the Bengals' middle linebacker, backed up by Corey Mays.
  • Rashad Jeanty is listed over Ahmad Brooks at SAM backer and Brandon Johnson will back up Keith Rivers at WILL.
  • Dexter Jackson is over Chinedum Ndukwe at strong safety while Marvin White will be the team's newest starting free safety.

None of the above is concrete and could be (no, likely will be) changed after training camp.

Pete Johnson avoids jail time after writing a bad check to a car dealership.

Read the excellent piece by Timzilla, loyal reader. If you have things to say, say them in the Fan Posts. If they're good, I'll promote them to the front page.

Even though Palmer apologized for his comments about tOSU, I'm still a bit surprised the over-reaction from most fans -- a lot heard on the radio. One guy even called him "immature". Hobson and Curnutte weight in while Chick has a little fun with Buckeye fans. If people honestly take Palmer's comment to so much heart that they'll go after the guy, while being admitted Bengals fans, then seriously, smoke a blunt, sit on the couch and watch Family Guy reruns.