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Thursday morning links and notes

I'm half-way through the first season of The Wire. I've heard about the show in the past, then Lance McAlister started talking about it (thanks to C Trent). After watching the first two episodes of Generation Kill, and the only two seasons of "Rome", I figured, what the hell. I bought the first season and in two nights, flew through the first eight episodes. What everyone says about the show, they're right. It's fantastic, and you quickly get into the characters as they evolve. Great stuff. The second and third seasons are bought and paid for.

Players will report to training camp this Sunday with the first practice taking place Monday morning. Chad Johnson won't be ready, still working on getting healthy enough to make sharp cuts in passing routes. "It's not where it needs to be," he said. "I can run, but I don't think I'm able to actually get right on the field and go at it. If I came back too early and reinjured myself, it would be a setback."

Corey Lynch is expecting the same type of training camp in the NFL as he had at Appalachian State.

A new contract for Shayne Graham could be worked out soon.

ESPN's John Clayton doesn't think the Bengals will sign T.J. Houshmandzadeh after the season; but does think that Houshmandzadeh will be a "big player in free agency" next season.

Chick Ludwig gives sound advice for the six unsigned rookies. "Know this, studs: You’re all slotted. You’re all budgeted for by the club’s cap-ologists Katie & Troy Blackburn. Your agents are all angling to get you an extra penny here, an extra nickel there. an extra dime everywhere. My advice is get your signing bonus NOW, bank it, and get to work."