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Sunday morning links and notes -- players report today

Jerome Simpson will sign his contract once he reports to training camp on Sunday. As of right now, only Keith Rivers appears to be missing time in training camp. Not a good sign for the guy that was promoted as the team's starting WILL.

The Bengals offense is even noticing a tougher Bengals defense.

Bengals head into 2008 with 11 players player the final year of their respective contracts. They include Stacy Andrews, Shayne Graham, John Thornton, Deltha O'Neal, Eric Ghiaciuc, and T.J. Houshmandzadeh.

Mark Curnutte's five players to watch.

Q & A with Marvin Lewis and more quotes from

Did you know: If a player throws a football into the stands, they face a maximum $1,500 fine. If you lose your playbook (or even a part of it), you are subject to an $8,000 maximum fine.

By placing Kenny Irons on the Waived/Failed physical list, Irons is eligible for a one-time payment under the player health reimbursement plan -- which you are not eligible for on the active roster. However, Irons is not eligible for full pension benefits if he retires because he's not credited for three seasons.