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Rivers progress likely depends on other signings

UPDATE: Sedrick Ellis signed a deal worth up to $49 million with base salaries in the $32-33 million range.

UPDATE: As R.F. Mehl points out, Sedrick Ellis and the New Orleans Saints have reached a deal that runs five years and pays $19.5 million in guarantee money. The total money hasn't been disclosed yet, but you figure it's going to be less than $50 million. Here's the problem with the Keith Rivers perspective. Will Derrick Harvey be the slot that takes a sudden drop? Or will he sign for between $40-50 million and Rivers is stuck negotiating around that number rather than the $20 million figure you'd figure he gets from the $19 million deal that Mayo received?

If the Bengals and Keith Rivers' representatives are waiting for the seventh and eighth picks to find the ninth-slot value, then it might be awhile. After missing his tenth practice, Saints rookie defensive tackle Sedrick Ellis doesn't appear close.

Although Ellis would appear to be next in line after sixth pick Vernon Gholston signed with the New York Jets on Saturday, it's starting to appear as though his representatives might be waiting for Harvey's deal to get done to possibly improve their negotiating position.

A listing of first-round signings:

Pick - Player Team Length - Contract Guarantees
1 - Jake Long Miami Five - $57.5 million $30 million
2 - Chris Long St. Louis Six - $56.5 million $29 million
3 - Matt Ryan Atlanta Six - $72 million $34 million
4 - Darren McFadden Oakland Six - $60 million $26 million
5- Glenn Dorsey Chiefs Five - $51 million $23 million
6 - Vernon Gholston Jets Five - $50 million $21 million
7 - Sedrick Ellis Saints Five - $49 million
$19.5 million
8 - Derrick Harvey Jaguars    
9 - Keith Rivers Bengals    
10 - Jerod Mayo Patriots Five - $18.9 million $13.8 million
11 - Leodis McKelvin Bills Five - $19.4 million $12.6 million
12 - Ryan Clady Broncos Five - $17.5 million $11.5 million
13 - Jonathan Stewart Panthers Five - $20 million $10.795 million
14 - Chris Williams Bears Five - $16 million $10 million