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Bengals offensive line could be the league's best

Stacy Andrews dominated Jason Shirley during Oklahoma drills. Some are wondering if the offensive line might not be better with Bobbie Williams at center, Andrews at right guard and Willie Anderson at right tackle. The beefiest line ever? Still, the prospects of that offensive lineup is, well, kind of cool. If this line is healthy, it could be one of the NFL's best.

In 2007, the Bengals set a franchise low 17 sacks allowed -- ironically, the Bengals were the worst sack producing defenses in the NFL. Anderson, Andrews and Whitworth each allowed a sack while Levi Jones allowed four and Bobbie Williams two.

Behind the likely starters -- which probably includes Eric Ghiaciuc at center -- is rookie Anthony Collins, versatile Scoot Kooistra, Nate Livings and Dan Santucci -- among others.