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Wednesday morning links and notes

Anyone that's seen or reported on Rudi Johnson, comes to the same conclusion: Rudi is changed, and much, much better. Some are calling him the "Auburn Rudi". No matter how you spin it, everyone that's talked about his off-season goal to bulk up, were true. The irony here is that he's quicker and stronger than he was last year, or the year before that. James Walker writes that "Johnson is consistently running well in practice."

Virtual Bird's Eye of Paul Brown Stadium.

Pete Carroll and Conquest Chronicles are loving the Carson Palmer rant -- which, still to this day, I think was harmless and actually muse at my fellow Buckeyes fans that took it to so much heart.

Glenn Holt (Kentucky) and Mario Urrutia (Louisville) are old rivals in college, now teammates and roomies during camp. “I was like, ‘Glenn, oh gosh.' We're going to go at it every day.” Urrutia said.

James Walker calls Marcus Maxwell the "Bengals' secret weapon".

With Antwan Odom out for an unknown amount of time, guys like Frostee Rucker have a chance to impress coaches with additional snaps. With Rucker, the Bengals have Angelo Craig, Jonathan Fanene, Eric Henderson competing for the backup spots. We figure that Odom will regain his starting job when he recovers.

Daniel Coats impressed with his hitting during Oklahoma drills (he "hammered" Dhani Jones) while Reggie Kelly "flung" Rashad Jeanty to the ground.

MVN's Bengals network site writes their five position battles. I disagree about John Thornton vs. Pat Sims (not that it matters; I'm sure rotationally speaking, both will have a good number of snaps). I also disagree with Daniel Coats vs. Jeremi Johnson. Hell, I don't see Johnson making the squad, and that's not because of Coats. It's because he's too fat and Lewis is tired of throwing the team's fullback on the sidelines to drop his weight.

"I have a special barber back home (Wyalusing, Pa.)," Kilmer said. "He ripped it off. It's cool. I figure we're getting back in the swing of things. It's time to get a new 'do. I feel lighter, a little more aerodynamic."
- Ethan Kilmer on his transition from safety to cornerback.

"If I have to be the leader, then I'll be the leader." Mike Zimmer on developing camaraderie and togetherness with the defense.

T.J. Houshmandzadeh is really, really focused at training camp.

Andrews was asked about his brother, Shawn Andrews, absence from Eagles training camp. "He has a few personal things he has to deal with and he's going to get them taken care of. I really can't elaborate."

"I'm frustrated right now because they won't let me practice," Chad Johnson says.

The Steelers lost their punter for the year, but showing signs of having a good receiving corps this season.

Terrell Suggs is still out of Ravens camp because he hasn't signed his tender yet.

Shaun Rodgers has been beating Eric Steinbach during one-on-one drills.