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Monday morning links and notes

Chick Ludwig agrees that Marvin Lewis isn't on the "hot seat", though for different perspectives and opinions of my own. He points out that it's because of Mike Brown's fierce loyalty, added with his father's experience with Art Modell, as why Lewis won't be fired. Not only do we think that's true, but we also think that the Bengals, this year, have shifted their personnel enough, took a stand against Chad Johnson, that perhaps, just perhaps, this team will actually come together and grow. As before, they didn't quite gel as they did try (and in some cases fail... OK, in most cases) to junk up the roster.

It's not that I'm a Marvin Lewis apologist, but I have yet to hear the "game plan" from those that willing to fire, after the actual firing. Who are you going to get? What coordinators do you want to fit the style of the coach? Will he be a first-time coach, a former NFL head coach, or the always successful college-to-professional conversion coach? Just to give you a head start, Brian Billick, Dennis Green, Joe Gibbs and Bill Cowher are out there. And god knows that Bobby Petrino and Nick Saban are ALWAYS available.

All four pre-season games will be in HDTV -- as well as both Fox games and the NFL Network game on November 20, at Pittsburgh.

Do the Bengals need Chad Johnson. This year, we say yes. Next year...