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Wednesday morning links and notes -- if Henry comes back...

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Chris Henry isn't coming back to Cincinnati. If he does, I'll leave this job.

Carson Palmer on Chris Perry: "It seems like he is so much faster than everybody else out there."

Rudi Johnson says he's going to return to practice Wednesday night preparing an appearance Sunday Night against the Lions.

Hobson worries about Chad Johnson's ankle and T.J. Houshmandzadeh's hamstring and Palmer not having both receivers for any lengthy period of camp to work with them.

The PFT guys say that Chad Johnson is looking to legally change his name to Ocho Cinco. Retard.'s pre-game center: Lions AT Bengals

James Walker says that Pat Sims has been the most impressive of the "defensive rookie group".

Packers' guard Josh Sitton had problems with Sims. He "allowed penetration by rookie defensive tackle Pat Sims that resulted in another run for minus-2."

The 2008 Bengals defense reminds Mike Zimmer of the 2001 Dallas defense that "which finished fourth in the NFL with a blue-collar cast of starters".