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Thursday morning links and notes -- why not LeCharles Bentley?

Here's a thought. With questionable ability to take on the league's biggest defensive tackles from our starting center, and Dan Santucci being hurt, why not go after LeCharles Bentley? It's hard to believe that the free agent is demanding big coin after not signing thus far (unless he's waiting for someone to over-react to an injury and over-pay) and the biggest concern that teams may worry about is his durability. Why not bring him in for a workout and give Ghiaciuc a run for his money? I understand the worries about him, but my biggest worry is that the center position could be weak enough to burn us. Bad. Anyway, just a thought.

Marvin Lewis denied an report that the Bengals are interested in Chris Henry. Which means, they are interested.

Our blogging buddy David (Stripe Hype), wrote a season preview for Yard Barker.

The defense spent the first hour of Wednesday's practice doing tackling drills.

The coaches are still waiting for that number three guy to step up at wide receiver.

"Very rarely can you say, 'OK, after a week or two of practice, that's the guy.' It's not going to work that way unless he's something special, and none of them have proven that yet."

Chad Johnson explains what Ray Lewis told him this offseason.

Chad said Lewis helped him come to the realization that he is blessed to be in the position he's in. That there are millions of people who want to play the game. And that he's very fortunate to be living out that dream. "And I'm sitting here fussing about something that I really can't control."

If you read his responses, Johnson isn't thrilled about being interviewed by the local media. It wasn't his choice either, facing a $20,000 fine if he didn't do the interviews.

The Bengals are expanding the "code of conduct" for the fans in the parking lots at Paul Brown Stadium.

Among the targeted behaviors are fighting, public indecency and drunkenness that results in "rude or irresponsible behavior." Violators can be ejected, and could forfeit their parking passes and tickets.

When T.J. Houshmandzadeh returns, he'll rescue the passing game.

Pragmatic weighs in on Monday Night's game.