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Friday morning links and notes -- The Jurassic Line

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One of the most intriguing fantasy's this training camp is moving Bobbie Williams to center, (franchise player) Stacy Andrews to right guard and (four-time Pro Bowl) Willie Anderson to right tackle. Thursday's afternoon practice offered another look at the The Jurassic Line. However, Paul Alexander cautions that everyone should settle down on the possibility. "You look at it and it's huge and all that, but playing center is not something you all of a sudden just do. To me, today was just another day in training camp working on options." Williams is being groomed as the backup center after Dan Santucci suffered a "severe right ankle injury".

I loved Jason Shirley's comment about the Jurassic Line. "That's a lot of meat in there."

Justin Britt was let go after "suffering a shoulder injury".

It's Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh who are playing little games, keeping Chris Henry's mind in the fact that the Bengals are still interested. Ludwig:

Folks, here’s what’s happening. Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh are in touch with Henry, telling him how much they miss him … telling him that he’s better than the crop of Bengals wideouts vying for the No. 3 role. Natch, Henry tells his agent that his former teammates love him and miss him, and Frazier spreads the word — discreetly — to selected members of the media (in this case, NFL Network’s Adam Schefter) that the Bengals are unhappy with rookie draft picks Jerome Simpson and Andre Caldwell. Don’t buy it because nothing is further from the truth.

Chris Perry, not Rudi Johnson, worked with the first team as the number one tail back. Lewis has already made it known that Perry is competing for the starting spot after the win against Green Bay.

Mark Curnutte actually puts out an opinion on Chris Henry and Chad Johnson. But he thanks Willie Anderson for being Willie Anderson -- my personal favorite Bengals player since the late 90s.

The Ravens signed former Cincinnati Bengals Pro Bowl full back, Lorenzo Neal (only Bengals player in the Pro Bowl in 2002). The deal is one-year that pays a base salary of $830,000 -- that's $120,000 less than what the Bengals are paying overweight and PUP-member, Jeremi Johnson this season.

Ravens are concerned about mounting injuries affecting the start of the regular season.

The Steelers lost 24-21 Thursday night after a 104-yard, two touchdown performance by Trent Edwards. Save for an interception, Big Ben had a great night, though his two back ups didn't fair as well. The Bills rushed for 159 yards in their Toronto Debut.

I watched the Eagles host (and beat) the Carolina Panthers. I was impressed with Desean Jackson's work in their 24-13 win that took until after midnight to finish after a thunderstorm forced the game to be delayed about an hour.